Millionaires webinar

$ 97
  • Here are the lessons we will cover during this online class:
  • How to setup the legal entity of your business
  • How to rapidly scale and grow your business
  • How to outsource the tedious ‘heavy-labor’ work

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I will reveal the steps that you can take (as over 2000 of my students already, successfully, have) to create a profitable business. Everyone already ‘living the dream’ has walked the same exact steps, and you can too!

The lessons are spread over a 5-hour conference Don’t Say ‘We’ll Leave It For Tomorrow’ To Your Own Happiness!

Join the class and start living life on your own terms..

Week 1: Get Your Mind Right (for Success): Define Your Driving Vision and Values In Week 1, we’ll explore the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and help you recognize that YOU have the power to change Your mindset. Then, we’ll identify your big “why” for your business, so that you will always have a motivating reason to deal with the challenges of getting a new business off the ground. While knowing why you want to start a business is an important first step, so is having a vision of your life once that business is a reality. Learn how to identify the vision and values that will guide you on your business-building journey, so that you’ll always stay true to yourself. your

6 weeks in Depth Class

$ 997
  • Here are the lessons we will cover during this online class:
  • Week 1: Get Your Mind Right
  • Week 2: Flippin’ Your Passion Into Six Figure Profits
  • Week 3: Identify Your Target Customer and Your Niche
  • Week 4: Start Branding Your Business Now
  • Week 5: Set Up Your Marketing
  • Week 6: Your Launch Starts Here

Week 2

Flippin’ Your Passion Into Six Figure Profits

Most of you will already have a vague idea of the business you want to start, but it’s important to make sure it matches up with your strengths and talents. In Week 2, we’ll show you how to ensure this match is there, so you’ll have the best chances of success. We also help you set revenue goals, so that you have a way to check your progress as your business gets going.

Week 3

Identify Your Target Customer and Your Niche

There’s no point investing time in building a business if it has no chance of being profitable. We will walk through the steps for researching your market to see if it can be profitable, getting totally clear on your ideal customer, and determining if you need to niche down further to compete effectively. Decide What to Offer and How

Once you understand your target customer, you can make decisions about what to offer that’s also in line with your big “why” and your values and strengths. We will explore different business models and how to choose the right one. Then we’ll show you how to define the unique value you’ll offer and how to design a minimum viable product to test with your market, so you can get feedback before investing too much in one direction.

Week 4

Start Branding Your Business Now

It’s important to think about your branding from the start. In Week 4, we’ll discuss the elements of an effective brand and how it ties in with your Unique Value Proposition. Then we’ll walk you through how to start branding your first offer, so that it has a clear identity that people will remember.

Week 5

Set Up Your Marketing

A new business doesn’t need a grand marketing plan to get off the ground, but it pays to have a few strategies in place. In Week 5, we’ll show you how you can get started with a few good, low cost marketing tactics that are proven effective. You’ll get a simple 10-point plan to fill in and tell you how to decide which tactics to choose, so you can have something to guide you without being overwhelmed.

Week 6

Your Launch Starts Here

Business launches are exciting, but stressful. In Week 6, we will explain the importance of carefully planning your launch and how it involves 3 phases – pre-launch, launch, and post-launch. We’’ll give you ideas and tips for success in each phase and then have your put together your own launch plan for your first offer.

Track Your Progress

Successful businesses monitor a few key metrics to make sure they’re on track to achieve their goals. We’ll explain the 7 key metrics that you should be looking at in your business, so you can use that data to improve and grow in the future. Moving Forward

In this last week, we’ll give you sound advice on how to make sure you maintain a balance in your life as you immerse yourself in your business. We’ll discuss ways to plan your time, be more productive, and set ongoing goals. We’ll finish up showing you how to create your Action Plan, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do next to make your business dream a permanent reality.